Using the Vehicle Light Interface - Rush Hour

Vehicle Light Interface

The light interface is an easy way to allow Rush Hour to control the lights on your vehicle. It is called RHVehicleLightsInterface

The light interface can be implemented as a Blueprint Interface on the vehicle itself, or a component attached to the actor.

For documentation on how to use a Blueprint Interface, see the official documentation here.

Included Example

The included vehicles include an example implementation as a component BP_RH_Vehicle_Lights_Control_Component. This simply does a search over the vehicle mesh to find matching Materials, and then swaps them for Dynamic Material Instances. These Dynamic Material Instances can then have parameters adjusted at runtime to change light intensity.


  • Currently sequence recorder and take recorder do not record the light state. I’m exploring ways to enable this on the included vehicles, but I expect it will require some changes if you handle lights in a different way.
  • The light interface has functions exposed for controlling all kinds of lights, however Rush Hour only controls brake lights and reversing lights currently.