Rush Hour Version 1.0.0 Release Notes

Release Notes

About Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an AI-powered toolkit for animating vehicles. Using the realtime physics engine of Unreal Engine, an AI driver will pilot a physically simulated vehicle across a spline-based path. You can select a number of different profiles (Racer, Frantic, Slowpoke, etc) and a profile strength to influence how the AI will behave.

Version 1.0.0 (2022/11/02) notes:

This is the first public release of Rush Hour.

Additions & Fixes

  • Added a time control feature when using the Rush Hour spectator player controller with number keys. This can make fine tuning paths a little quicker. This is not recommended to be used during training.
  • Align-To-Ground feature on paths now has advanced options to ignore actors and actor types, solving the issue of getting stuck on foliage and other volumes
  • Training is significantly more reliable and accurate.
  • Cornering force is now more accurate measured for vehicles that have low grip
  • Training now gives more detailed errors when issues occur.
  • Stopping hardness has now been added as a parameter for stop waypoints. This allows more artistic control over driver behavior
  • Vehicle profiles now save to the game content directory. This means they will more easily be added to version control.
  • Added editor icon for paths to more easily identify and select vehicle paths.
  • Disabled Receive Decals on included vehicle meshes to stop road decals flashing over the vehicles.
  • Improved driver profiles

Upgrade Notes from Previous Betas

  • Car references and recorded sequences using Rush Hour vehicles from Beta 1 & 2 will not work. You will need to relink cars to paths and re-record sequences.
  • Make sure to fully delete any leftover Wheelman or RushHour folders from your plugins directory and Content directory before installing the new release.