Rush Hour Version 1.1.9 Release Notes

Release Notes

About Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an AI-powered toolkit for animating vehicles. Using the realtime physics engine of Unreal Engine, an AI driver will pilot a physically simulated vehicle across a spline-based path. You can select a number of different profiles (Racer, Frantic, Slowpoke, etc) and a profile strength to influence how the AI will behave.

Version 1.1.9 (2023/04/13) notes

UE_4.27 only release.

This includes the latest vehicle models including updated tyre models and materials. These look better and clarify the sources of some reference images. It also includes the latest physics config for the 4x4.

Due to the upcoming 5.2 release, this may be the last official 4.x release.

Additions & Fixes

  • Improved tyre models and textures
  • Improved physics config of the 4x4

Upgrade Notes

Always remember to backup projects and the current plugin version before updating

Known Issues

None at this time.