Rush Hour

A quick and powerful tool for animating vehicles in Unreal

Rush Hour

A quick and powerful tool for animating vehicles in Unreal

Engine: Unreal Engine 4, Unreal Engine 5

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Rush Hour is a new way to quickly animate cars and other wheeled vehicles in Unreal Engine 4 & 5.

It’s a little like instructing a stunt driver to perform in your scene. An AI will pilot your vehicle around your course. The AI driver supports several driving profiles, such as frantic, racer, precision, and slowpoke.

Rush Hour is an Epic MegaGrant Recipient!


  • An AI-powered driver that produces realistic animation.
  • 5 Driver profiles (Precision, Racer, Frantic, Slowpoke, Sunday Driver)
  • Profile strength setting to fine-tune how the driver should behave
  • Three vehicles included (Sedan, Box Truck, and 4x4)
  • Easy Vehicle Importer to simplify the process of creating Chaos Vehicles.
  • MPH and KPH support
  • PhysX and Chaos vehicle support
  • Automatic training for precise control of all vehicles

Rush Hour dramatically speeds up the time it takes to create vehicle animations in Unreal. You can animate entirely within Unreal.

You can refine the animation in several ways. You can choose a profile strength, such as making it more or less frantic. You can set a speed at each waypoint and add an action such as stop, stop-wait-go, or continue. Other hints will be coming in the future, such as tap handbrake.

Rush Hour creates incredibly realistic driving behavior. The driving profiles are heavily tuned to create a natural look.

Why Rush Hour?

Rush Hour is a quicker and better-looking method than manual driving. Attempting to drive the vehicle with a gamepad produces twitchy and unrealistic driving. A single mistake can mean having to repeat the drive over and over again, which is incredibly time-consuming. Rush Hour improves all of these aspects.

Tools exist to animate vehicles in other software and import the resulting animation, but the back-and-forth process is slow and painful. Rush Hour allows you to animate entirely within Unreal. There’s no need to export your environment to another tool, create your animation, and finally bring that back. Late changes and fine-tuning are a breeze!

The driving is believable and consistent, so repeated runs are very similar. However, you can record a sequence to guarantee repeatable animation and add the ability to scrub through a timeline.

Rush Hour supports both PhysX and Chaos physics engines. If you require support for another physics engine, please reach out!