Rush Hour Has Received an Epic MegaGrant!

Rush Hour has received an Epic MegaGrant! Rush Hour aims to level up real-time workflows for vehicle animation and build on what Unreal Engine already offers. By utilising vehicle AI, similar to what you would find in games, to act as a stunt driver, it reduces the work animators need to put in to get the physics looking correct and instead focus on directing the scene, all from within the same editor where you are building your environment.

Thanks to the generous support of Epic Games, Rush Hour is able to take several major steps forward. This will support the addition of several new features and improve existing aspects.


Sounds are crucial to the sense of speed, energy, and momentum in vehicle animations. By adding vehicle sounds, animators will receive an immediate boost to the sense of speed and momentum in their animations. Sounds will also help demo early scenes to other team members and convey that intensity.

Sounds like tyres over the ground, screeches, engine revving, and other effects will dramatically enhance the sensation of power and speed in any animation.

Improved Materials

The MegaGrant will help fund additional artist time on the materials used on the vehicles. This will include an improvement pass on all materials and a focus on improving the car paint material and imperfections on the metals and other surfaces. The improved materials can also serve as a foundation for your own vehicle models.

Improved Vehicle Models

Along with the materials, the included vehicle models will be improved. The support from the MegaGrant will allow more time to be spent improving the vehicle models, including enhanced interiors. This will allow the included models to shine in your scenes and serve to fill out your animation and world.

Moving Forward

One of the driving goals behind Rush Hour has been that someone can create a realistic vehicle animation within 5 minutes of installing the plugin. Adding sounds and improving many existing assets will contribute significantly to this goal.

Once again, thanks to Epic and the MegaGrants team, the support from the MegaGrants program will help to level up Rush Hour and help us all make great animations!

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