Rush Hour Version 1.5.0 Release Notes

Release Notes

About Rush Hour

Rush Hour is an AI-powered toolkit for animating vehicles. Using the real-time physics engine of Unreal Engine, an AI driver will pilot a physically simulated vehicle across a spline-based path. You can select a number of different profiles (Racer, Frantic, Slowpoke, etc) and a profile strength to influence how the AI will behave.

Version 1.5.0 (2024/02/09) notes

This update adds experimental support for Trucks and Trailers. Unreal Engine 5.1 is the minimum supported version.

NOTE: Older vehicles need a file replacement

Older vehicles accidentally broke in this release. To avoid reimporting please follow the steps in Known Issues below.

NOTE: Blender Addon Update Required

This version of Rush Hour requires a new version of the blender Rush Hour Vehicle Toolkit addon. Existing prepped vehicles are fine, they just need a fresh export.

Release Highlights

Added experimental trucks and trailers support

  • Easy mechanism to define hitch point
  • Ability to change which trailer to spawn
  • Passthrough of light controls allowing brake lights to work on the trailer

Vehicle Importer:

  • Support for trucks and trailers
    • 5 new templates, 3 trucks and 2 trailers
  • Support for 6 wheeled vehicles
  • Big refactor of importer to allow more reliable imports as well as future support of GLTF and USD files
  • Improved logging on imports
  • Removed legacy code for legacy wheel position causing inconsistent physics behavior in Chaos Vehicles.
  • Improved checking for translucent materials on meshes to automatically disable nanite


Template models:

Upgrade Notes

Always remember to backup projects and the current plugin version before updating

Known Issues:

You can potentially spawn multiple vehicles inside each other with Convert To Adopted. If your cars fly off into space when you first start the level, ensure that there isn’t multiple overlapping cars.

Older vehicles no longer load

Navigate to your engine directory, then navigate to


And replace DefaultRushHour.ini with the one downloaded from below.